April 30, 2009


I entered a contest over at deviantART a few months ago. Sadly, I dropped out of it due to pursuing work that could fill my wallet, if you know what I mean? It was fun while it lasted. I usually don't do sequential work, so it was a nice change for me. Sonja is a character I helped developed with my brother, Josh. She's one-half of a mercenary duo known as the Massacre Twins. I wrote a brief description on the reference sheet.

Sonja reference sheet

The reference sheet pretty much has everything you need for the character. Personality wise, she's like a blend of bubbly and psychotic. I guess you can compare her to Tira (Soul Calibur) or Harley Quinn (Batman: The Animated Series) if that helps. She suffered a lot of trauma in her childhood along with her identical twin sister, Sonya. Each adapted to the abuse in different ways. Sonya toughened up and became cold hearted while Sonja, to a certain extent, went crazy.

For the contest, all contestants had to draw an invite page, displaying that their original character accepts the invitation into the fight tournament. It was fun for me because, at the time, it was a long time since I drew any panels for a story. I never considered myself to be good at it, mainly due to the word balloons. Fortunately during the course of the tournament, the word balloons get better.


Time was a major factor into making these pages, so I skipped the colors and just settled for black and white. The first Round's location was in a jungle. Sonja's opponent had Superman-like powers, but his description didn't mention anything about invulnerability, so she had to win on random luck. A snake bite to the sacks did the job. After all, it was the jungle.

AFL_Round 1

Round 2 was set in "My City Screams", probably in reference to the Spirit, but any city with buildings worked according to the rules. I used stock photos for the buildings.

AFL - Round 2

Round 3 was set in Cartoon Land, so I pulled out my animation style. Since I'm developing a cartoon to pitch to major studios like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, I decided Sonja should be transformed into a cartoon. There is a reason why she's harming the spoon. Her opponent carries a giant spoon as a weapon and used it a lot in his previous rounds. Sonja, being the opportunist, decided to disarm him and go to town on his most prized possession. Her dialog was inspired by the Hulk Vs Thor DVD.

AFL - Round 3

I like his response to my entry:

AFL3: Rad Savij v. Sonja by =RadSavij on deviantART

Like I said before, it was fun while it lasted, but I had to pursue paying work. As fun as AFL was, my pockets were empty and the way the economy is, I couldn't stay. Maybe one of these days, I'll color the black & white pages. I do know for a fact that I'll kick out some more Sonja art. Hell, I'll draw some Massacre Twins art soon.



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