May 31, 2009

Wolverine Line up

Striffle on hosted a one character line-up for the month of May. In celebration of the movie, Wolverine was the subject. It didn't take too long to create and I patted myself on the back for the ink job. It's been a while since I inked by hand, you know? My entry is on the bottom, under my deviantART user name, "Midnighter".

Wolverine OCL by =striffle on deviantART

There's a handful of artist on there you definitely want to check out.My personal faves are Dan Schkade and
Bratty Ben. Although his Wolverine entry wasn't his best work, Dan is a busy man making his comic, The Private Files of The Fowl. The excellent writing and art is inspired by the noir and crime dramas and Dan knows how to tell a story. He's a pro among the amateurs, which makes my visits to deviantART a treat. Bratty Ben, also known as Ben Perkins, is a master in the works. His sequential art is top-notch. He's great with pacing and he doesn't forget the little things. Look at the cat, for instance. The man knows how to tell the story.

By the Time You Read This p2 by ~BrattyBen on deviantART