December 21, 2012


A little something for Afua Richardson's Sketch Club. The Topic was a Red Riding Hood Revamp/Update. I decided to go for long term concept rather than a illustration or pin-up. Of course, you see that when I have time.

 As soon as I saw Red Riding Hood as the subject, I had a flood of ideas. I wanted to ditch the blonde hair because she isn't Goldilocks or anything where blonde is mandatory. Of course, she can always dye it as the story progresses. I think I'm gonna outline it after I'm all done with the comic stuff in my work queue.

I'm back up and taking too long, but this was a nice intermission.

- KG

February 8, 2012


That awkward moment when you realize you're embarrassed by your blogger site. Heh.

I'm a man who has very little experience dealing with web page design. Sure, I played around with templates, but scrolling through a customization menu does not make a designer. On top of that, I just don't think this site is professional enough. When you're lucky enough to have your name passed around the web, you definitely want to have a site that's.... good---at least something you're proud of.

With that said, I really need to work on my site. I've been sitting on a domain name and a Wordpress interface for almost 2 years. Sure, it's pathetic, but that just shows how much I fear style sheets. I do have a friend who is willing to help me out as side project of sorts, so we'll see how things go in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I'll try to keep posting here when I can.



January 17, 2012

Birthday Doodles

Sometimes, if I'm not too busy, I'll doodle a thing for someone's birthday. These are a few from last year. However, the two "warm-ups" are from 2012. 

From left to right:

Taylor Zaytsoff, Rita Squitiere, Denary Toch, Warm-up sketch, another warm-up sketch, and Ginger Leigh.

Ginger is one of faves. She is a dancer for the neo-burlesque troupe, Peek-A-Boo Revue and she occasionally models for Dr. Sketchy's. She certainly trumps the models you'd see at art school.  

This is also an example for a sale I'm currently holding. $10 mug shots. $20 for adding digital colors. Contact me if you're interested. They make great profile pics on social networks, or you can post it on your desk to show off at work.


January 3, 2012

An old friend...

Believe it or not, this was something I was holding on to for a while. Probably dating back to 2010 (right around that ball park), but I felt the need to post it here. I mean, I can't let the dust pile up too high, you know? ;-)

A few years ago, I was extremely obsessed developing a comic called Project IMPACT. Hell, I even wrote a screenplay for it. Foresight was the center piece--- my Neo, so to speak. Loved the shit out of her and the rest of the team, but there comes a time where a writer needs to kill their baby. From a professional standpoint, I lit  my script on fire and decided to go back to page one. Fresh start.

3rd time is the charm, as they say.