October 13, 2008

Wish Bone...

You know, when I designed this alien superhero, I was sooooo into with making a cool design, I forgot to give it a name. After searching long and hard, I decided to go with "Wish Bone" because his little logo on his loin cloth thingy looks similar to an actual wish bone you'd find in a turkey. I suppose this is what the citizens of Earth would call him since he doesn't speak.

I'll come up with an official alien name later as the story develops.

This character was inspired by a few things. I love Yoshimitsu designs from the Tekken 3 video game. He had an alien inspired look that was so cool, it's a personal favorite of mine. Another source of inspiration was the aliens from the film, Independence Day. In the early stages, I wanted this alien to be a villain for my character, Gorilla Boy. As time progressed, ol' Wish Bone seemed like it would do better as a hero. The old concepts of Gorilla Boy played a major role in the development of this character.

Deviant Art has a club called "Got Beef", which is pretty damn cool considering that you have full license to draw your original character beating the crap out of other original characters. It's an exchange of ass kickings---almost nasty fan art, but in a fan consensual way. I entered Wish Bone into a tournament, so it should be fun drawing him kick ass. On the other hand, it's inevitable that he'll get his ass kicked too. I just hope other artist will make it look as cool as possible.


Copyright © 2008 Kenneth Gordon

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DRoP said...

I love your artworks!!
thank you so much for passing by