November 18, 2010


This started off as a character study and then I just went all free with it. After all, this is mainly about comfort for me, especially when dealing with pressing concept chores elsewhere. I posted an excerpt from my screenplay on Word Press. I'm sure they got rid of it by now since I have yet to renew my domain name for I'll see about providing a link to it soon.

My site was neglected for the longest time. Still is to a certain extent. I need a designer, one that won't charge me an arm and a leg. I can't be trusted with designing my own site because it's too technical for me... Most go to school for that sort of thing, or have a natural aptitude for it. I draw, color and occasionally write. We'll leave the web design for the folks that know what the fuck their doing.


Narco said...

Webbies. Nice drawings.

KENESU said...

Thank you, sir.