November 9, 2011


Because I haven't updated this blog in forever...

I’m sure there’s some sort of app out there that allows me to upload my art to every social networking site or blog my name is attached to. I'm even more positive knowing there's an app out there that can blog for me just based on my web site preferences--- minus porn. There's apps for everything nowadays. Thing is, I’m too lazy to look for it. 
Icarus. Because I rarely get request concerning wings. Mind you, I hate drawing wings, but this piece made me overcome that disability. Not only that, but drawing this made me remember a comic I was real fond of years ago—-and since we’re on the subject of wings,  anyone remember Ascension by David Finch? You should look that one up. The early issues were visual candy, much like most of the Top Cow books during that time. 

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